Lance Armstrong effigy to be burnt on Bonfire Night in Kent


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His cycling career has already gone up in smoke and on Bonfire Night an effigy of Lance Armstrong will do just the same.

The disgraced cyclist, who was recently stripped of his seven Tour de France titles following evidence that he doped throughout his unparalleled career, has been selected as the effigy for Bonfire Night in Edenbridge.

The town in Kent has built a 30-foot model of Armstrong, which will be burnt on Saturday. The effigy sports a sign with the words "For sale, racing bike, no longer required".

There is also a 'Jim Fixed It For Me' medallion around Armstrong's neck, in reference to the recent allegations against the late television presenter Jimmy Savile.

Edenbridge has a history of replacing the traditional effigy of Guy Fawkes with celebrities. Famous faces set alight in the past have included Russell Brand, Katie Price, Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli.