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Massimo Busacca, the Swiss referee who officiated at last season's Champions' League final, has been banned for three matches for giving Young Boys fans the finger (the abusive gesture, that is) in a cup match in Baden. Thank goodness it wasn't being played in Young Boys' Wankdorf stadium. Considering what they have to put up with, it's surprising they don't lose it more often. IFK Gothenburg goalkeeper Kim Christensen has been reported to the Swedish FA for literally moving the goalposts – kicking them closer together in a match against Orebro. "Had I seen it I would have warned him," referee Stefan Johans-son said. "I think so anyway. It is not easy to find that rule."


Number of hours Chris Marchant and Matt Ford played pool to break the record for the longest game. The 33-year-olds played 555 frames, Chris winning 278-277. So the last 12 hours or so must have been quite a climax.

Pink drink of the week

The dust is rising in the bullrings as advertising comes to the matador's cape for the first time. It's not the bulls that will be distracted, however, it's the sport's macho image that is being shaken to the core. The reason being that Joselito Ortega's cape bears the slogan of a gay drinks company. Outside Edge is not an expert in these matters, but we wonder what exactly makes a drink gay. Either way, it's called "Gay-Up", so there's no mistaking it. "I am going to go out into the ring as I have done until now to risk my life," said Ortega, using some unfortunate but necessary terminology. "The seven goring wounds on my body prove that." Brave, but obviously not very good.

Good week for

James Taylor, 19-year-old Leicestershire batsman was named Young Cricketer of the Year... James Bowthorpe, cycled 18,000 miles round the world in 174 days, 20 days quicker than the previous best... and Jonah Lomu, former All-Black won two silver medals in his inaugural bodybuilding contest in Wellington, part of his comeback plans.

Bad week for

Jens Lehmann, German goalkeeper was dropped by Stuttgart manager Markus Babbel after being spotted at the Oktoberfest beer festival... Diego Maradona, had earrings worth £3,600 confiscated at a spa in the Dolomites by Italian police chasing him for unpaid tax... and Washington Redskins, taken to the US Supreme Court after a long campaign by American Indians who say the name is offensive.

Low rollers of the week

Motorists be worried about Government proposals to make all accidents involving cyclists the driver's fault, but just wait until the limbo skaters come to town. It's the latest craze coming out of India, involving children doing the splits leaning forwards on blades so they can simply slide underneath cars. It should be pointed out that the cars are not supposed to be moving. For some reason they seem to like doing it blindfolded, so it's probably just as well. For a more leisurely pursuit, why not take part in this weekend's World Stone Skimming Championships on Easdale in the Inner Hebrides. There's even an Old Tosser category for grumpy types who just like throwing stones.