Outside Edge (18/04/10)

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What is it about IT workers? One of them, Steve Edwards of Bourton on the Water in Gloucestershire, ran his first marathon in 1981 after a bet over a few pints. He vowed never to do another but last weekend he completed his 500th race in Connemara. Then there's Roberto Enrieu, an IT consultant from Coventry who lost 25 stone in order to take part in next Sunday's London Marathon. He slimmed down from 42 stone and a whopping 66-inch waistband. And a third computer nerd, Paul Scrivener of Writtle, Essex, veteran of 120 marathons, was bemused to be hurting so badly after finishing a race in Newmarket until he was told he had been running with a broken leg. Software and tear.


Distance in miles that Serbia fan Sasa Jovic will walk from Cacak to Pretoria to watch his team's first appearance at the World Cup as an independent nation. He will hitch-hike and take public transport when he can. Walk on, walk on...

Ex on the box of the week

Last Sunday saw the first episode of 'Basketball Wives' in the States, though none of them is currently married to an NBA player. Now Shaquille O'Neal's lawyers are insisting that his ex-wife Shaunie may not make any mention of Shaq because it would violate their formal confidentiality agreement. And another cast member, Royce Reed, was already banned from speaking about Dwight Howard, the father of her child. Obviously they don't want the ladies telling any tall stories. Why not show instead the New York Towers, a dwarf basketball team who were formed after a Little People of America convention? Their tallest player is 4ft 8in, but at least he might have his feet on the ground.

Good week for

Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church, rugby player and singer announce their engagement... AFC Aldermaston of the Wessex League, ended the worst losing streak in British football history, 40 defeats, drawing 1-1 with Warminster Town... and Erin O'Neil and Sue Podesta, won £21,330 after placing their first-ever bets – £10 each – at Aintree.

Bad week for

Tony McCoy, jockey was stopped by police for using his mobile phone while driving as his mother rang to congratulate him for winning the Grand National on Don't Push It... Emma Dinnes, Tottenham fan banned from all football stadiums in England for three years for throwing a bottle at Sunderland's Darren Bent... and a fox, shot dead at Sussex's Hove ground for digging holes, scratching the covers and "acting oddly".

Fox on the box of the week

Talk about remote control. Ex-patriate Lee Bizley was so desperate to see Swindon Town's bid for promotion from League One in Melbourne that he rang the Fox Sports TV channel to ask if they could show the match against Exeter City. He got through to a British producer, Gary Green, who screened it at 4.30am. Could life get any better? Yes, Swindon equalised in the 93rd minute. If you can't get TV moguls to show your club, try the Lego version. A German fan has brilliantly recreated Bayern Munich's Champions' League tie at Old Trafford using the medium of Lego, with Ribéry's scowl and Robben's shiny pate included. But sadly, no sign of Fergie throwing his toys out of the pram.