Outside Edge: Nudists take a hike – but put your clothes on first

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A chill ran through the drafty corridors and back passages of nudism last week when the highest court in Switzerland ruled that you can be fined for hiking naked in the Alps.

The federal court in Lausanne rejected an appeal by a hiker who was fined after he paraded past a family picnic area in the eastern canton of Appenzell, and a Christian rehabilitation centre for drug users – no doubt putting them right off their smack. The beaks said that upholding his 100 Swiss franc (£69) fine was only a marginal infringement of his personal freedom, although even that could be quite painful in freezing conditions.

Appenzell is not the most forward-thinking place in Europe – they only gave women the vote in 1990 – but even they have moved on from those old Garden of Eden values.

Rocky Horror Klitschko Show

The Klitschko brothers have joined forces with Sylvester Stallone to put on a musical of Rocky. The Ukrainian heavyweight champions will produce the show and help choose the leading man. They have to find someone who can really hit the high notes.

It never rains but it pours

A match between Granada and Real Mallorca had to be abandoned after a linesman was struck by a fan's umbrella. A 15-year-old boy from a local homeless shelter who had been invited by the club was fined €5,000 (£4,300), even though it was ruled an accident. Poor lad, no roof over his head, and now no brolly either.