Outside Edge: On the piste, not under the table

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If ever there was a sport that combined seasonal drinking with inclement weather conditions, it has to be table-sledging. This new sport was apparently dreamed up by a group of drunk students who became stuck in deep snow in a cabin in the Austrian Alps and decided that their only way out was to turn a table upside down and bomb down the slopes on it. Legend has it that when they got to the bottom, they turned it back over and carried on drinking. Now the Austrian ski resort of Kühtai has just staged the inaugural three-day Table-Sledging Championships. It's not known if the Bolton Mountain Rescue team are intending to enter the event next year but one of their members, Matthew Hailwood, had to be rescued by the North West Air Ambulance on Boxing Day after they had spent the day sledging on Rivington Pike. He sustained serious bruising and had been carried to the bottom of the hill on a stretcher, which came in handy since it was the stretcher that they had been using as a sledge.


Speed in miles per hour achieved by Paul Stender's portable toilet at a race track in Indianapolis, Indiana. The outhouse is propelled by a 1,000 horse power Boeing jet engine and produces 30ft of flames in its wake – though these are not produced by natural gases. So if you ever really need to go...

Eve implicated in fall of man again

It's New Year's Eve with a difference in Turlock, California. Like so many others before her, the model Amazon Eve found it a real struggle to land the acting roles she craved. But in one crucial respect she is not like all the others: she is 6ft 8in tall. Fed up with being cast as a monster or an alien, she has turned to a new venture: wrestling small men. The 31-year-old, whose real name is Erika Ervin, will toss you around for $400 (£260) an hour – though you have to be less than 5ft 8in. In Fresno, California, the leader of the Buchanan High School Bears wrestling team faces charges of sexual battery after using a traditional maneouvre called the "butt-drag". Competitors grab the buttocks of a fighter to gain leverage but Preston Hill, 17, stuck a finger up his opponent's anus in the process. Apparently these things happen in the ring from time to time.

Good week

Tristan Miller, 33, from Melbourne becomes the first man to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks – taking in 42 countries on all seven continents... Ping-pong players from outside China will be allowed to enrol on the four-year course at the new Academy of Table Tennis in Shanghai... Bend It Like Beckham becomes the first Western-made film to be shown on North Korean television in recognition of 10 years of diplomatic relations between the country and the UK.

Bad week

Brett Favre, the veteran Minnesota Vikings quarterback, is fined $50,000 (£32,000) for not co-operating with an NFL inquiry into allegations that he sent lewd pictures of himself to the New York Jets match-day host Jenn Sterger... Mario Ferri, Italian serial pitch invader, is arrested in the hold of a cruise ship after announcing on Facebook that he was fleeing trial in Abu Dhabi for running on during the Club World Cup final... Dancing On Ice, preparations for which were disrupted in Shepperton, Surrey, by the local council commandeering ice-treating chemicals.

Tee but no sympathy. Is this a fair way?

Great news for all rubbish golfers out there. The New York Court of Appeals has thrown out a personal injury lawsuit stretching back to 2002 and ruled that a player cannot expect to be warned with a shout of "fore!" every time another player hits an errant shot. Dr Anoop Kapoor was said not to have committed intentional or reckless conduct when he struck Dr Azad Anand on a course in Long Island, blinding him in one eye. Meanwhile Rebecca Dunn is suing the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals, their Paul Brown stadium and a beer vendor for continuing to sell beer to two "noticeably intoxicated" fans who fell on her at a game. She broke a finger and received a gash to her nose — injuries which have so far incurred medical expenses of $20,000 – and is also seeking compensation for the cost of staying in a hotel because she could not retrieve her car after being treated, and for a pair of $700 sunglasses that were broken in the mêlée. The shits have really hit the fan.