Something For The Weekend: 26/11/2011


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It's squeaky bum time for...

Tony Pulis

At the end of August, Tony Pulis thought Stoke's only problem this season would be finding ways for Peter Crouch to entertain Abbey Clancy on a Saturday night in the Potteries.

The cap-wearing Welshman's side went five games unbeaten at the start of the campaign, but they are currently balancing that run out with five straight league defeats, placing them three points off the Lancastrian abyss that is the relegation zone. Worse could be to come if they suffer the humiliation of losing to poultry giants Blackburn at "Fortress Britannia" today.

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The Only Way Is Up

American Samoa, the 241st ranked side in the world, finally won a game of football after 17 years of action, defeating Tonga 2-1. They once lost 31-0 to Australia's reserves after their team was refused visas to enter the country, forcing them to search Sydney schools for American Samoa's versions of Sonny Pike and, unfortunately, finding them.

Have you been paying attention?

1. Glen became the fourth Johnson to score a Premier League goal this season – name the other three.

2. Who is the only other Englishman other than David Beckham to win a league title in three different countries?

3. Who are the only team to have taken points from Tottenham since August?

4. Against whom and when did Sachin Tendulkar score his 99th international century?

5. When was the previous time either Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal won a set against the other to love?