Something From The Weekend: Success in Sussex; Boycott's harsh words; Ekanga's comical dive

The Good, The Bad and The Odd
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The Good: Success in Sussex

Jubilation will have been widespread in Sussex over the weekend. Crawley supporters in the west celebrated wildly as their League Two high-flyers prevailed at Hull in the FA Cup to set up a fifth-round meeting with Premier League Stoke. Brighton & Hove Albion fans in the east, meanwhile, basked in the delight of beating Newcastle at home before seeing their Championship team drawn against Liverpool in the next round. Manchester seems to be the capital of football this season, but at least the county of Sussex enjoyed a weekend in the spotlight.

The Bad: Boycott's harsh words

If the feeling of depression in the England cricket camp was not strong enough, Geoffrey Boycott's comments will have worsened the mood. Looking back on the side's second Test defeat to Pakistan, Boycott barked: "What a load of rubbish!" During day three, when England looked strong, he joked he'd sell his (three) houses if they lost. The defeat sparked this response: "I have lost my houses, you stupid England!"

The Odd: Ekanga's comical dive

Football purists look away now. Players diving plagues matches and fans at the African Cup of Nations have been "treated" to one of the worst dives ever seen. Narcisse Ekanga, of Equatorial Guinea, has become a YouTube sensation after acting like an Olympic gymnast in trying to win a free-kick during his side's victory over Senegal. The 24-year-old even added a comedic pause for effect before launching into a spinning dive across the turf