Video: Breathtaking mountain biker flies through the streets of Chile in incredible downhill stunt...and doesn't even win for his efforts

The Colombian rider captured an insane run through the heart of the city of Valparaiso

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Marcelo Gutierrez wowed mountain biking fans in the Chilean city of Valparaiso when he rode down a purpose-built track through the streets, jumping and leaping his way along the tight and twisty run that is widely considered one of the craziest of its kind.

The Colombian rider didn’t win the 2014 Valparaiso Cerro Abajo downhill race – that accolade went to Filip Polc of Slovakia – but Gutierrez managed to capture his incredible run via a helmet camera.

Incorporating wall rides, giant jumps and all kinds of platforms at different levels, Gutierrez shoots down through the heart of the city for nearly three minutes, in which he doesn’t put a foot wrong – not to mention he can’t afford to.

His biggest concern throughout the run? Snagging his neck on the overhanging power lines. Seems understandable…

Watch the incredible video below: