Video: Crazy 100mph mountain jump video brings a whole new meaning to a broken heart on Valentine's Day

Nottingham-born Sam Hardy and his 'Valentine' Nathan Jones fly down the ENSA couloir in Chamonix at over 100mph to raise money for charity

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How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner out with your significant other, or a quiet night in forgetting the day ever existed? How about jumping off a 2,525 metre-high mountain in France and smashing through a giant heart on your way down?

That’s exactly what adrenaline junkies and wingsuit pilots Nathan Jones and Sam Hardy chose to do (the mountain jump, not the romantic dinner). Strictly speaking it was two days before Valentine’s Day, but Nottingham-born Hardy does ask Jones to be his Valentine seconds before they take the leap of faith.

Both are wearing the wingsuits (or squirrel suits) that have become a more prevalent feature in extreme sports in recent years, and the loved-up pair flew down the ENSA couloir section of the Brevent cliff in Chamonix.

Not bad for a first date.

As they skim dangerously close to the rocks and snow below, a small orange object appears in the distance, and it soon becomes apparent that there’s a giant heart set-up halfway down the run. It becomes even more apparent that Hardy (in the orange suit) is making a beeline for it, and he smashes through it to obliterate the heart into little pieces at 100mph – hence the name of the short clip, '100 MPH Heartbreak'.

Watch the video below...


While the jump is both hugely impressive and dangerous, both are doing it for a much better cause than simply to get a buzz. Hardy and Jones are raising money for various charities to give back to the communities they visit on their travels.

100% of the money donated for this jump, which is part of the initiative they set-up named Project BASE, will go towards a clean water project that organisation A Glimmer Of Hope is currently running to help dig wells in Ethiopia.

You can donate money here, or visit the Project BASE website.