Racing: Jockeys accused of giving information for reward

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The charges levelled against the jockeys Robert Winston, Fran Ferris, Robbie Fitzpatrick and Luke Fletcher, by racing's regulators were made public yesterday and centre on the allegation that the four riders "passed on information for reward or aided and abetted the commission of corrupt practice".

Following the Horseracing Regulatory Authority's security department investigation, the riders, the former licensed bookmaker Ian Nicholl and four other unlicensed individuals - Kim Evans, Paul Glendenning, Joanne Roberts and Tegan Wilde - have been informed of various charges in relation to 37 races that took place between June 2003 and February 2004. Winston rode in 21 of the races, Fletcher in 10, Ferris in four and Fitzpatrick in two.

The charges concern the rules forbidding, for material reward, giving information that is not publicly available; communicating assurance or other "inside information" relating to a horse's prospects in any race knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, this was information would be used for corrupt and/or fraudulent practice.

A directions hearing has been scheduled at HRA headquarters in London for 27 September, when a timetable will be set for the progression of the inquiry.

Chris McGrath

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