Cooke's ban may result in two legal actions

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Hull's two clubs are digesting the implications of Paul Cooke's ban and considering their next legal moves.

Cooke was found guilty this week of making an illegal approach to Hull Kingston Rovers to set up his transfer from Hull and he has been suspended for the first six rounds of Super League next season. Hull are also considering suing their former player, who claimed that he was not under contract to them.

"We are in no rush to decide," said their chief executive, James Rule, in welcoming the Rugby Football League tribunal's verdict. "This is a sad day for Paul Cooke, but it was the right decision for the integrity of the game."

Rovers said that they would be happy to take the matter further down the legal route. "We would more than welcome the opportunity to bring into the public domain the whole facts and background circumstances surrounding Paul's transfer," the club said in a statement. "Paul's suspension is punishment through the back door for the club and offends all principles of natural justice."

Cooke has 14 days during which to appeal, but has not so far done so.