Golding holds steady behind leaders

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As Jean-Pierre Dick continued his charge at the front of the Vendée Globe solo round the world race, with Roland Jourdain and Sebastien Josse disputing second place, Britain's Mike Golding was playing steady as she goes in fifth place, less than 100 miles behind.

Brian Thompson, 13th in Bahrain Team Pindar, was just about holding off Switzerland's Bernard Stamm, with Sam Davies 15th and Dee Caffari had retaken 16th place in Aviva from Arnaud Boissieres in Akenas Verandas.

Steve White held a 90-mile advantage in Toe in the Water over a rather frustrated Jonny Malbon, 19th in Artemis.

Click below to listen to Stuart Alexander speak to Mike Golding

Two crew changes see navigator Ian Moore and mid-boat man Tom Braidwood stepping off the Irish entry Green Dragon for the 1,950-mile third leg of the Volvo round the world race from Kochi, south-west India, to Singapore, which starts this weekend.

They are replaced by Steve Hayles and James Carroll. Moore has also indicated he may also step down for leg six from Rio de Janeiro to Boston.

On Telefonica Blue, the Australian Tom Addis replaces Frenchman Laurent Pages, who is recovering from a shoulder injury, while Telefonica Black replaces the injured Argentinian Cicho Cicchetti with Pablo Iglesias.

A new route and €500,000 of prize money for the next Velux 5 Oceans race, starting from La Rochelle on 17 October, 2010, was announced yesterday in Paris.

In additions there will be €1.3m of support at the stopovers, which will be Cape Town, Wellington, Salvador (Brazil) Charlston and back to La Rochelle.

There will be two classes, one for modern, the other for pre-2003 Open 60s.