WWE Raw preview: Jerry Springer to take over premiere episode and will Michael Sam appear?

It can't be any worse than last week, can it?

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Last week on Raw:

Last week World Wrestling Entertainment served up perhaps the most wretched edition of Monday Night Raw in history.

Absolutely nothing of any consequence happened and if anything viewers were being challenged not to watch at various points during the three hour debacle. John Cena was once again confirmed as Brock Lesnar's opponent at Night of Champions after an interminable segment which saw HHH say that he might change the main event of NOC, Cena threaten a lawsuit, HHH then making a 6 man main event where the person who would impress him most got the elusive title shot....only for the Cena vs Lesnar rematch be confirmed before the main event.

Total Divas was previewed by a 6 woman tag which was astronomically bad, WWE invited Michael Sam to be on this week’s Raw and Nikki Bella was part of a series of vignettes regarding her sister Brie that were the kind of awful that makes people turn off WWE and never turn it back on again. In other news Mark Henry is the next man to defend America’s honour against Rusev. All in all an abhorrent show.

What can we expect this week?

It’s the Season Premiere of Raw, which is odd as the show has no off season at all. Michael Sam has been invited to Raw in a bid by WWE to counteract the return of NFL to Monday Nights and will most likely not be on the show.

Jerry Springer is going to mediate a sitdown between the feuding Bella sisters which could either be so bad it’s good or realistically the worst segment of the night.

In actual in ring competition, ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho faces off against Bray Wyatt in a cage match which should actually be very good, while another Summerslam rematch sees Randy Orton take on Roman Reigns which should also be entertaining. Mark Henry and Rusev will probably run into each other and hopefully Bo Dallas will get to antagonise Jack Swagger some more.

Anticipation levels:

Well it can’t be any worse than last week can it?