WWE Raw results: Raw General Manager remains anonymous as all hell breaks out when John Cena and Seth Rollins collide

The pair clashed at the start of Raw which resulted in a six-man tag-team match being organised by the Anonymous General Manager

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After Daniel Bryan’s antics as interim Raw General Manager last week, are we finally going to get closer to learning who will be taking over the roll permanently?

Well Raw kicked off, unsurprisingly, with the standard email tone of the Anonymous Raw General Manager. As Michael Cole was about to read it though, John Cena came out, but then as Cena was just about to launch into a speech, Seth Rollins came out.

We had the usual argument: The Authority, Survivor Series, General Managers, Heavyweight Championship shots, a worrying amount of latex, blah de blah blah. The Anonymous GM then interrupted issuing a match at TLC, Cena v Rollins in a Tables match and if Cena loses, he is no longer the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins then attacked Cena, before Ryback came down to intervene. Kane appeared out of nowhere though to chokeslam the Big Guy before Erick Rowan came out. Big Show then blindsided Rowan before Ziggler appeared to help, but he himself was on the end of an attack by his rival Luke Harper. Back in the ring, Cena ended up being slammed through a table by Rollins after being knocked out by Big Show. Lots of interruptions.

A Tag-Team turmoil match now. Basically two teams start off then when one is eliminated, another team appears to enter. The last team standing will become the Number One Contenders for the Tag-Team title. Gold & Stardust were up first against The New Day; Kofi Kingston & Big-E with Xavier Woods at ringside. The win was easy enough with E and Kofi delivering the Midnight Hour to Stardust.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro were up next. The New Day were well in control but when Gold & Stardust appeared and attacked Woods at ringside, Kidd was able to roll up Kingston for the surprise victory. The Usos were next in line and they got the win after Kidd was on the receiving end of a superkick and a splash off the top rope. Next team up? Adam Rose & The Bunny. Brilliant. Rose and Bunny unsurprisingly had an argument in the ring, before Rose also ended up on the receiving end of a superkick and splash. Meaning that The Usos have the right to face Miz and Damien Mizdow for their titles.

The Usos celebrate victory in the Team Turmoil match

The Big Show was up next against Erick Rowan, who apparently is an expert winemaker and a classically-trained guitarist. Obviously. It was a very physical match, with Rowan perhaps having the upper-hand but when the match spilled outside of the ring, Big Show hit Big Red with the steel steps, causing a disqualification.

The new-and-improved Fandango was in action next against Jack Swagger, or at least we thought he was, as we cut to the back to see Seb Colter lying injured on the floor with Fandango laughing in the ring. Rusev then came down to the ring and basically admitted to injuring Colter, before Swagger ran down to attack the Bulgarian/Russian.

One half of the Tag-Team Champions Damien Mizdow was in the ring next against one of Los Matadores, Fernando. It was easy enough for Mizdow who locked in the Figure-Four to get the win via submission.

Another match now with R-Truth in action against Bray Wyatt. Wyatt physically dominated the match and after slamming Truth down hard, he was able to hit Sister Abigail and grab the victory. As Wyatt was delivering a sermon after the match, Dean Ambrose appeared and the two started brawling, Ambrose coming out on top and destroying his rival’s rocking chair.

A Divas Tag-Team match was next with The Bella Twins (who are back together and obviously think that the WWE universe has a short memory) against AJ Lee & Naomi. Brie and Nikki dominated Naomi until she was able to tag in AJ and then the tempo of the match changed. AJ took care of both Bellas before hitting the Shining Wizard and Black Widow to grab the win.

Ryback puts a boot in Kane's face

Our Main Event now; a six-man Tag-Team match between John Cena, Ryback & Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper, Seth Rollins & Kane. The match swung back and forth and you can guess what happens next. There was a brawl and everyone took out everyone and then Ziggler rolled through on Harper for the win.

The match was won but everyone wanted to start brawling again, with Big Show coming down to ringside. Erick Rowan soon followed before taking out Rollins, Kane, Harper and Big Show with some steel steps. Is it me or does this feel vaguely familiar?


The Usos win a Tag-Team Turmoil match to become Number One Contenders.

Erick Rowan DEF Big Show via DQ

Damien Mizdow DEF Fernando

Bray Wyatt DEF R-Truth

AJ Lee & Naomi DEF Nikki & Brie Bella

John Cena, Ryback & Dolph Ziggler DEF Luke Harper, Seth Rollins & Kane