WWE Raw results: Seth Rollins evades Randy Orton but Bad News Barrett, Neville and Paige steal the show as WWE hits London

WWE came to the O2 last night

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John Cena opened the show to a chorus of boos but soon won over the London crowd temporarily by telling them that UK deserves WrestleMania. Bad News Barrett made his way out to the ring to a thunderous ovation as the former Intercontinental Champion challenged Cena to his United States Championship. Barrett was relishing the home advantage with a dominating performance early on.

Cena had managed to hit the AA but Barrett somehow was able to kick out at two. Barrett responded with the Bull Hammer elbow but Cena was able to kick out this time to the disbelief of the audience. Cena eventfully overcame Barrett with a springboard stunner and finished with the AA to retain his title. Lana came out to the ring to distract Cena while Rusev climbed in the ring to hit him with a chain. The Russian pairing then announced that The Authority have granted Rusev his rematch at Extreme Rules in a Russian Chain Match.

Paige entered the Divas Battle Royal to another strong ovation from the British crowd. The Bella Twins were on commentary as Nikki scouted to see who would potentially be the next contender to her championship. Naomi and Paige were the final two standing and were eager to stay in the game to fight for the gold. Naomi went for the Rear View but Paige ducked and side kicked her out of the ring to earn the title shot at Extreme Rules. Naomi was furious after the match and viciously attacked Paige by beating her down then throwing her into the barricade to mark a change in persona for the Diva.

The action continued with the recently debuted Lucha Dragons taking on The Ascension in a tag-team match. Kalisto put The Ascension in a spin with a series of high risk manoeuvres before tagging Sin Cara in for the Senton Bomb to continue their team's winning streak. The team were NXT Tag Team Champions and are now looking to capture the main roster silverware.

Booker T conducted an interview with Roman Reigns to hear his views on his outcome of his WrestleMania match two weeks ago. Reigns said that he has gotten over the fallout as he knows when given the chance he can beat Seth Rollins as he has before. Big Show however interrupted from the Titantron to tell Reigns that he won't be able to overcome the giant in himself first. Reigns told Big Show that he will force him to retire, which brought the World's Largest Athlete out to attack the powerhouse. Show threw Reigns into the side of a black cab that was on the stage before climbing on top and Chokeslamming him on the roof.

Randy Orton took on Cesaro in a singles match but the bout was cut short as the Swiss Superman got himself disqualified within a few minutes. Kane then came out to the ring to restart the match as a two on one handicap match with Tyson Kidd added to the mix. The Tag Team Champions were in control for most of the fight but in true Orton fashion, he delivered an RKO out of nowhere, planting Kidd as he leaped of the top rope, to earn the victory.

Stardust defeated Fandango within a couple of minutes with the Disaster Kick to get back on track following his WresteMania Ladder Match loss. Fandango then gave the UK faithful some nostalgia by playing his old theme music and performing the Fandango dance while the crowd joined in with glee.

Seth Rollins took on Kane as a message from The Authority to put the director of operations in his place. It looked like Corporate Kane was going to do what's "Best for business" and lay down for the pin. The Devil's Favourite Demon however had a brief change of mood and hit a throat thrust on Rollins before landing a Chokeslam and signaling for a Tombstone. The Authority man eventually had a change of heart and laid back down and put Rollins' arm over him for the pin.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow finally locked arms following the two's falling out last month. Mizdow was accompanied by Summer Rae and left with a quick win with a roll up on Miz for the pin. Miz looked shocked and furious and a rematch between the two is likely on the cards at Extreme Rules later this month.

Luke Harper faced Ryback in a slow going match until the former Wyatt Family member ended the match in a DQ by using the announcers's table. Dean Ambrose ran down to the ring after the match to get even with Harper who attacked him on Smackdown. Ambrose cleared the ring to the delight of the fans as Harper made his way out of the arena.

Dolph Ziggler issued an open challenge to anyone in the back, to which Neville responded to. Another England native sent the crowd into frenzy with the Man That Gravity Forgot feeling at home with another technician in Ziggler. Neville delivered a unique 450 splash from the barricade onto Ziggler on the mat, which was met with chants of "This is Awesome" from the crowd. Ziggler hit a Superkick but Neville was able to kick out and respond with a kick to the face of his own to set up the Red Arrow. The Show Off was able to roll out of the way and hit the the Zig Zag for the win but was unable to celebrate as Sheamus entered. The Great White hit a Brogue Kick on both Neville and Ziggler before celebrating on the announcer's table.

Seth Rollins and Randy Orton closed the show by discussing what stipulation their match will be at Extreme Rules. Rollins' stipulation was that the RKO is to be banned during the bout. Orton responded by stating that he will also be taking Rollins' greatest weapon in his arsenal by making it so The Authority can't get to him in a Steel Cage Match. Orton then went to give Rollins an RKO right there and then but the Architect was able to escape so Joey Mercury was on the receiving end instead. The two stared down each other across the ramp as Michael Cole thanked the fans for watching.


John Cena defeated Bad News Barrett to retain the U.S. Championship

Paige won the Divas Battle Royal

The Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension

Randy Orton defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

Stardust defeated Fandango

Damien Mizdow defeated Miz

Ryback defeated Luke Harper via DQ

Dolph Ziggler defeated Neville