WWE Raw results: Seth Rollins explains betraying The Shield as Money in the Bank takes shape

Rollins joined The Authority last week, who have also announced that a Money in the Bank match will decide the new WWE World Heavyweight champion in place of Daniel Bryan

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In anticipation of a 'blockbuster' announcement, we started with The Authority making their way to the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon certainly did deliver on their promise, claiming Daniel Bryan wasn't cleared to compete and would be stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This led to the making of the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match for the title. They announced the line-up so far as Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton - adding because of 'who he is', in a lovely heelish turn of phrase by the COO. Then he addressed The Shield situation, praising Seth Rollins for choosing to 'adapt' and turn on his partners last week. He then made a match pitting Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns against the Wyatt Family, with The Shield required to find a new third partner.

Sheamus and Bad News Barrett faced off next in the first Money in the Bank qualifier. It's a typically bruising encounter by the two, brawling back and forth trading signature moves and spilling outside the ring. Wade Barrett got in much of the offense before the Celtic Warrior surprised him with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Next we're treated to Lana and her thoughts on why Vladimir Putin is so much hotter than Barrack Obama. This set the tone for yet another Rusev squash, with Zack Ryder again on the other end of it. A side kick and camel clutch later and we're done.

The saga of the Rhodes brothers' decline continues as R-Truth partnered Goldust to take on Rybaxel. A typical tag affair sees the Bizarre One lay out both Ryback and Curtis Alex, before being caught out with a quick roll up.

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In a backstage pallet cleanser segment we see Layla in a makeup chair talking about how see is going to kiss Fandango. Cue an irate Summer Rae attacking the former Divas Champion, pouring milk over her head.

Moving on, The Shield beat down 3MB before addressing Rollins. Ambrose describes the former architect of the group as a 'cancer' and says he will get what's coming to him for stabbing them in the back. Reigns adds he's coming for Triple H and that the two of them had better 'believe' that.

The Uso's are in action next against Fandango and a ballet suit clad Damien Sandow. The tag champs make quick work of the dancing duo; super kicks and a Samoan splash for the 1, 2, 3. Soon after we see Bo Dallas doing his inspirational shtick against Xavier Woods. Again, a quick encounter sees Dallas hit the 'Bo Dog' for the win.

Paul Heyman makes his entrance next to tell us about his clients before introducing Cesaro, who's facing Rob Van Dam in the next Money in the Bank qualifier. A flurry of kicks from Mr Monday Night is countered by the Swiss Superman with uppercuts and slams of his own. The finish sees The King of Swing throw RVD into the ring post before hitting the neutraliser.

Seth Rollins emerges and begins explaining he did what he did for himself, and that he was the one who made The Shield a success. Ambrose and Reigns decide to make their presence felt before running into the Wyatts. Cue John Cena, who appears to even the odds and set-up our main event for later in the night.

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It's time for some Divas action next as the champion Paige looks to continue her roll against Alicia Fox, who is accompanied to the ring by Aksana. The British diva makes quick work of her opponent, making her tap out to her special submission the Scorpian Crosslock. Fox, typical to her new character change, flips out and attacks Aksana.

Jack Swagger looks to win his first match in who knows how long by going in against Santino Marella. While previous form is shaky when it comes to the Real American against comedy characters, Swagger hit the Gut Wrench Powerbomb for the win.

The stage is finally set for our main event encounter with The Shield and John Cena taking on The Wyatt Family. This had been set up to be a tasty encounter and it didn't disappoint. The remaining Hounds of Justice took the fight to The Wyatt's, with Ambrose flying in and out the ring to attack his opponents in his true all-action style. Cena finally joins the affray, and after some trademark shoulder blocks, gets beaten down by Wyatt , Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

It all breaks down following the hot tag to Reigns after Wyatt lands Sister Abigail on Cena. Reigns flies in with a Superman punch, while Ambrose splashes everyone on the outside of the ring. With the coast clear, Reigns ends the match as he hits Harper with a sudden spear for the three-count.

This was a solid show which built upon a lot of key storylines. Rollins looks confident striding out on his own, making the inevitable showdown with his former Shield brethren even more tantalising. The absence of Daniel Bryan was also felt, but the situation around the title, and the prospect of a Money in he Bank match for the belt, makes his eventual return even more anticipated than could have been imagined.

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