WWE Smackdown Results: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns dominate over the roster in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

Fast Lane rivals take on the rest of Smackdown before turning attentions to each other

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The show kicked off with a match between Bray Wyatt and R-Truth as “The Eater of the Worlds” looked to take his frustrations out physically while continuously taunting a mystery man over the last few weeks. The mystery man has been reported to be The Undertaker, with a match between the two rumoured to be on the cards. Wyatt hit a charging Clothesline on Truth before wrapping up the win with a Sister Abigail for the win. Wyatt looked more determined than ever as Michael Cole said that if the mystery man is watching, he has a big task on his hands.

Paige took on Summer Rae in a singles match as The Bella Twins looked on from the commentary desk. Nikki had a few choice words for Paige heading into their Divas Championship bout at WWE Fast Lane. The Bella Twins’ jeering couldn’t distract Paige as she landed a Superkick to the face of Rae before locking in the PTO submission. Summer was forced to tap out and Paige celebrated in the ring as Nikki stared on from ringside at her upcoming challenger.

Adam Rose danced to the ring with The Exotic Express to take on Fandango who was accompanied by his valet, Rosa Mendes. Rose refused to do the “Trust fall” with his Express as they dropped him last week and went straight for the attack. The leader of the “Rosebuds” was very aggressive throughout the match and threw Fandango into the turnbuckle and continuously stomped on him. The anger however got the better of him and Fandango regained momentum with a Powerslam, which was followed by The Last Dance for the victory.

The Main event of the night came early as Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns were ordered by Kane to team up and take up a host of other teams in a Tag Team Turmoil. The pair was first up against The Miz and Damien Mizdow with the former Tag Team Champions continuing to be unable to co-operate. Roman Reigns had hit the Superman Punch on Miz but before he was able to go for the Spear, Bryan tagged himself in and hit the Running Knee to proceed to the next level.

The Usos were sent down to the ring next to halt the new as the current Tag Team Champions slowed down Bryan in the middle of the ring. Reigns eventually interrupted a pin but this infuriated The Usos who were the cousins of the Royal Rumble winner. Bryan went to save his partner from a tag and sent Jey to the outside while Reigns landed a Superman punch on Jimmy. Jey found his way back into the ring and went for a Superfly Splash but Bryan countered into the Yes Lock to eliminate The Usos.

Los Matadores were next on the list but they found themselves with no luck as Bryan was in control for the whole battle. Bryan hit an Underhook Superplex off the top rope before tying in another Yes Lock for the win. Slater Gator ran down to the ring straight after but they were also knocked off within a few minutes as Reigns knocked Titus down with a Superman Punch and Spear combination for the pin.

The Ascension looked to make a mark on the tag team scene as they ran down and tossed Reigns over the commentary desk so they could concentrate on picking Bryan apart. The recently debuted team landed the Fall of Man on Bryan but they were unable to continue as the referee disqualified them for their out of turn beat down.

Kane and The Big Show were the last team to have a shot at taking the unholy alliance down. Big Show went for a second rope Splash but Kane tagged himself in, which infuriated “The World’s Largest Athlete”. Kane put himself in the deep end right away as he was tied into a Yes Lock but Show reluctantly went for the save. Big Show then snapped at Kane for getting in his face and hit him with the KO punch, which Reigns took advantage of and landed the Spear on Show. Bryan wrapped up the match with the Running Knee as the duo celebrated in the ring as they will soon return their attention to taking each other on at Fast Lane.


Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth

Paige defeated Summer Rae

Adam Rose defeated Fandango

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated The Miz and Damien Sandow, The Usos, Los Matadores, Slater Gator, The Ascension and Kane and The Big Show in a Tag Team Turmoil Match.