WWE Smackdown Results: Roman Reigns brawls with Seth Rollins while Mark Henry gets revenge on Rusev ahead of Night of Champions

Our round up from this week's Smackdown

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The in-ring action kicked off right away with a match between Jimmy Uso and Stardust ahead of the tag team match between the Usos and the Dust Brothers at Night Of Champions. Stardust did well to avoid two Superkick attempts by Jimmy but failed to counter a third kick to the chin for Jimmy to get the pin for the victory. Goldust tried to attack Jimmy following the match but Jey ran in the ring to help his brother as the twins delivered a double Superkick to the “Bizarre One”. The Samoan pairing have all the momentum going on their WWE Tag Team Championship defence but the Dusts have also have had a new breathe of life following their attack on their rivals last month.

The Middle Ground

Dolph Ziggler partnered with Sheamus to take on The Miz & Cesaro ahead of their respective Intercontinental and United States title matches this Sunday. Ziggler and Miz had their stunt doubles “R-Ziggler” and “Damien Mizdow” at ringside who both frequently interrupted the flow of the match. Sheamus finished the match with a thunderous Brogue Kick to the Miz following a distraction from R-Truth on the “Moneymaker”. These four Superstars have championed the mid-card titles over the last few years and they could swap reigns yet again this Sunday with Miz looking to win back the Intercontinental title and Cesaro looking to regain his lost momentum.

Heath Slater took on Adam Rose to continue a feud that started when Rose’s mascot Bunny distracted Titus O’Neill in a match two weeks ago. Titus tried to get one over on Rose’s party this week by interfering in the match but his involvement went in vain as Bunny performed an over the top springboard on the antagonist before Rose won with the Party Foul. The Exotic Express celebrated the feat with a dance around the ring while Slater Gator looked on in agony.

The Big Show partnered with Los Matadores to take on The Wyatt Family in a six-man tag team match. Los Matadores mainly handled Harper and Rowan while Big Show tended to Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was however to get back on top of the match and delivered the Sister Abigail to Diego for the three count. None of these stars have a match at the pay-per-view this weekend, which is a big surprise for Wyatt as he’s been a key feature on the roster over the last year.

Deadly Divas

Paige took on Nikki Bella while AJ Lee was on commentary ahead of the trio’s triple-threat match on Sunday. Nikki hit the facebuster but Paige was able to kick out to fight back with the Paige Turner to go into her title defence on the back of a victory. AJ ran into the ring to grab Paige’s belt to infuriate the champion who went to reclaim her possession. Nikki regrouped to join the “Frenemies” in attempting to claim the belt before grabbing the title and hitting both her future opponents over the head with it.

The show continued with Bo Dallas taking on Jack Swagger to continue their rivalry that has stemmed from SummerSlam. Dallas won the match with the Bodog in less than three minutes before cutting a promo. Bo claimed that Jack has lost his swagge and asked if the “Real American” wanted to end up looking like Zeb Colter. Dallas told Swagger that if he wants to be successful, all he has to do is “Bolieve” but Swagger had enough and booted his rival out of the ring.

Brawl For All

The main event of the night saw Roman Reigns taking on Rusev ahead of the two’s separate flagship matches at Night of Champions. The powerhouses went back and forth equally but as Reigns was starting to get into the groove, Seth Rollins interfered by accidentally hitting Rusev with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Reigns then threw Rollins over the announcer table before their brawl continued into the crowd. Lana joined Rusev in the ring to celebrate their win via disqualification but Mark Henry put the party to an end to start a brawl of his own with Rusev. Henry closed the show with The World’s Strongest Slam to send the crowd happily home.

Night of Champions has an abundance of upper card matches with Reigns taking on Rollins, Henry grappling with Rusev and Chris Jericho battling Randy Orton. It will however be John Cena’s WWE Championship rematch with Brock Lesnar closing the show as the leader of the “Cenation” attempts to reclaim his glory against the “Beast Incarnate”. Sunday’s pay-per-view will help develop the new storylines that have risen over the last few weeks during WWE’s transition following SummerSlam.


Jimmy Uso def. Stardust

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz and Cesaro

Adam Rose def. Heath Slater

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan def. Big Show and Los Matadores

Paige def. Nikki Bella

Bo Dallas def. Jack Swagger

Rusev def. Roman Reigns via Disqualification

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