WWE Smackdown Results: Unfinished business between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton reach boiling point

Things are not over between Orton and the former Shield member

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Randy Orton got the show underway by telling the crowd that his loss against Roman Reigns only made him more vicious and eager. Orton continued by stating that he’s a 12-time World Champion and that he’s never been called a loser before but things between the former Shield member and him are not over.

“The Viper” then diverted his attention to Rob Van Dam who he will be facing later on in the night. Orton said that RVD will just be collateral damage as he will use him as a way to send a message to the fans and Roman Reigns that he’s stronger than ever.

The first match of the night saw Jack Swagger take on Seth Rollins as the “Real American” sought to redeem himself following the loss to Rusev at SummerSlam. The duo were evenly matched throughout the bout but Rollins was able to deliver a modified curb stomp that send Swagger rolling to the outside. Swagger was unable to answer to the referee’s count to then so Rollins was awarded the victory. Following the match Bo Dallas entered the ring to remind Swagger that he let his whole country down by not being able to defeat Rusev. Dallas continued to patronise Swagger and concluded that all he had to do was “Bolieve”.

Rusev continued the in-ring action with a match against Sin Cara that was greatly one-sided. Rusev delivered a series of throws to the cruiserweight around the ring before connecting with a side kick. Lana signalled for the “Crush” to which Rusev responded with the Accolade for the win. After the match Mark Henry stormed down the ring to give Rusev a piece of his mind but the Russian rolled out of the ring for the clash to be held off for another day as the crowd chanted USA.

“The Viper” Strikes

Rob Van Dam was seen backstage talking to Renee Young but Randy Orton sneakily attacked the veteran from behind to gain the advantage ahead of their match. RVD didn’t show any knockbacks from the attack as he delivered a series of his spinning kicks before knocking Orton out of the ring. “The Apex Predator” however found his true form on the outside by making use of the barricade and announcers’ area to attack RVD. Orton however took the damage to far as the referee called for the bell to ring. Orton didn’t care and delivered his patented DDT off the barricade onto the floor before rolling the former ECW champion into the ring and delivering a thunderous RKO onto a steel chair.

Paige locked arms with Natayla as the Divas Champion looked to continue her momentum following her victory over AJ Lee last weekend. Paige looked extremely cocky in the ring as she had fun toying with Natayla and skipping around the ring in a mockery of AJ. Paige locked a submission on Natayla as AJ skipped to the ring and grabbed Paige’s championship. Paige ran after her title and grabbed it off AJ but as she made her way back into the ring, Natayla locked in the Sharpshooter for the champion to tap out. AJ watched on and smiled as Paige looked distraught at what happened as the battle of the big personalities continues.

Goldust & Stardust returned to the ring for a tag-team match against Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. The match was very fast-paced with all four members interchanging before anyone could slow it down. Goldust managed to roll up Harper for the win but that was quickly forgotten as The Wyatt Family conducted a post-match beat down on the brothers. Rowan drove Goldust into the steel post before Harper launched a commentator’s chair at Stardust. Harper concluded the beating with an impactful discus clothesline on Goldust for the duo to stand tall in the ring.

Roman Conquers

The main event of the night saw Roman Reigns take on The Miz in a rematch from last week’s Smackdown. The Miz looked confident to get retribution on the powerhouse as it looked like he had help from Randy Orton who made his way out to watch the match. Reigns remained unfazed by the attempted distraction and delivered a Spear to the “A-list superstar” for the three count.

Orton attacked Reigns with a steel chair after the match before rolling him in the ring to signal for his second RKO on a chair of the night. Reigns however countered Orton’s attack and delivered the Superman punch to end the show on a high.

Strong showing from Reigns again tonight as the duo further their rivalry heading into Night of Champions. There were previous reports that Triple H will be taking on Reigns at the next pay-per-view but WWE are known to postpone matches for a long-term plan so Orton will most likely get a rematch.

Two new rivalries have brewed on this showing with Dallas further antagonising Swagger and Henry looking for a piece of Rusev as the conflicts look to be validated on Monday’s Raw.