Golf: USA Captain; Ben Crenshaw

Ryder Cup
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America's ace in the hole.

Forget US team experience and their 11 major titles, it is Crenshaw, twice US Masters champion, who is Europe's biggest danger. Don't be fooled by his "Gentle Ben" nickname. A warm, gregarious, immensely popular man off the course, Crenshaw is a fierce competitor with plenty of experience on it.

His passion got the better of him at the 1987 Ryder Cup, where he broke his putter in a crucial singles match against Eamonn Darcy, but don't expect him to give an inch in Boston. His players will want to win for Crenshaw and all he represents as much as Uncle Sam.


l The Ryder Cup is a match play tournament for two teams of 12 golfers, including eight foursomes (where two-man teams alternate shots with one ball), eight fourballs (where two-man teams each play their own ball, the best score at each hole counts) and 12 singles. There are a total of 28 matches.

l A hole is won by the team which hole their ball in the fewer strokes.

l Score is kept by the number of holes up (won) and the number of holes to play. (Example: Europe 3 and 6, means Europe are three holes up with six holes to play).

l When a team are up (winning) by more holes than there are holes remaining, then the match is won and one point is awarded to the victors.

l If the match is tied after 18 holes, each team receive half a point.

l A total of 28 points are awarded in Ryder Cup competition. If the match finishes 14-14 then the defending champions (Europe) retain the trophy.

SCHEDULE (all times British Summer Time)

Thursday 23 September

21.30-22.30 Opening ceremony

Friday 24 September

12.30-17.00 Four foursomes

17.15-23.00 Four fourballs

Saturday 25 September

12.30-17.00 Four foursomes

17.15-23.00 Four fourballs

Sunday 26 September

15.30-22.00 12 singles

(All times subject to change.)

Television: Live coverage on Sky.