Masters Diary: Faldo becomes a leading Why-Man and explains How to British hopefuls

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There are many anniversaries to celebrate this year, not least the 15th since Sir Nick Faldo won his third Masters. That week will always be remembered for Greg Norman's capitulation.

Before he set out with his five-shot lead, the Australian bumped into the revered Observer golf writer, Peter Dobereiner. "Not even you can cock this up," said the journalist. Four hours later the distraught Australian was on the 18th green being hugged by Faldo.

While consoling him, Faldo told Norman: "I dunno what to say, mate. Don't let the bastards get you down." Faldo was referring to the media.

Nowadays, Faldo is a commentator for the US network, CBS. Yes, he is one of the bastards. "I hope I'm a very nice bastard," he says. "I try to give my opinions. I'm the What-, How- and Why-Man."

Of course, what England would like to know is the "when?". "[The English players] are incredibly talented but you can't survive this game merely on talent," says Faldo. "What they've got to do next is learn how to hang on."

'Freeze!' Is it a burglar or Evans

Chris Evans is here for Radio Five Live. The golf fanatic had an interesting experience when he returned to the rented house he is sharing with his fellow commentators after the first day.

His colleagues were asleep when Evans came in, but were soon woken by the burglar alarm. But that was nothing compared to the recorded voice which followed.

"Freeze!" it bellowed. "The police are on their way. Do not try to escape or you will be shot..." Evans went to bed and it was left to the producer, Graham McMillan, to sort it out. He found all his men, but one wasn't in bed. "I think he was in the panic room," said McMillan.