Paul Eales: Long putting on large greens

Your game: The pros offer their advice
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On large greens as they have here at St Andrews, pace-putting is very important if you want to keep control of your round.

It is no good fighting to hit the green in two on the par-four holes only to three- and four-putt. Your round will only go one way.

All great players have great touch and feel which helps them cope with the undulating surfaces and this comes from years of practice.

When it comes to your turn to putt don't be frightened to study the green from as many angles as you can to get a sense of the slopes. Another good tip is, if you dare, look straight at the target, not at the ball, as you are putting. This will help keep your head still and will give you a better sense of the pace that you have to hit the ball. Perhaps first of all, try it on the putting green, rather than the first hole.

Paul Eales is a former European Tour winner, and is now a professional coach and broadcaster