`He's a little bit better than I thought he was'

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What they said

I wouldn't go go so far as to say he's better than he was six years ago, but he is about the same...He's a little bit better than I thought he would be. Frank Bruno

I'm doing well and I'm getting better...I still have more to do. Mike Tyson

I am sorry for the 7,000 fans who came over from England. I wanted to do better, but he beat me fair and square. He was on me like a harbour shark. Bruno

It's too soon to think about what to do - Frank has all the time in the world to do that. Frank Warren

He was holding because he knew he was going to get knocked out. Tyson

I'm fine. I'm a little brokenhearted. Bruno

I hit like a mule. I just wanted to throw a bunch a punches. I just wanted to bring him down.Tyson

How the action unfolded

Round One: Bruno starts jabbing, but is warned for holding when Tyson attacks. He has to do so again in the face of two withering assaults late on, one of which cuts him badly over his left eye.

Round Two: Tyson goes hunting - and lands a big left-right combination. Bruno clings on again, and is docked a point. He still has to smother the challenger though, to survive to the end of the round, when he is bleeding again.

Round Three: Tyson hits top ferocity level. Bruno clings on, but Tyson gets away with a short left and unloads 13 unanswered punches with both fists to leave Bruno slumped on the ropes. Mills Lane stops the contest after 50 seconds.

The best bet

Bookmakers faced a potential pay-out of some pounds 3m had Bruno upset the odds and held on to his title in what was the biggest betting fight the country has known.

It was not all good news for them, though, one William Hill punter collected pounds 62,500 after laying out pounds 50,000 on Tyson at 1-4, while another struck it rich with a bet of pounds 1,500 at 9-1 on a third-round win.

The full picture

Sky stand to make more than pounds 6m in pay-per-view revenue. The company say more than 600,000 homes signed up at pounds 9.95 (pounds 14.95 if ordered after Friday midnight) for the first pay-per-view event in this country - a take-up rate of 14 per cent of subscribers, compared with six per cent in the United States for recent Tyson fights. With the fight finishing in the third round, the pay-per-view revenue worked out at pounds 14,634 per second of action. At least Sky's viewers did not have to pay extra for the 35-second, three-punch Naseem Hamed fight in Glasgow