High price to pay

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Sir: I am keen supporter of Reading and a particularly poor student living in Leeds, but I try to attend as many of Reading's games in the area as possible.

I went to see them play Sheffield United at Bramall Lane and was astonished to find the entry price for visiting supporters was £14. At Elm Park, I pay only £4.50 (the student/juvenile/OAP price).

I was informed by the gentleman working the turnstile that, had I purchased a ticket in advance, I would have been entitled to a student discount of £7. It struck me as odd that while the stewards were capable of distinguishing between a child and an adult, and an adult and an OAP on match days, they were not able to identify a student carrying his students' union card.

The entry price for Sheffield United fans was only £8. Surely it is time football clubs gave all away fans a fair deal, by ensuring they do not have to pay more than home supporters for the same standard seat ticket.

Yours sincerely,


Leeds, West Yorkshire