Hockey: Woods sets the ball rolling

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Duncan Woods set England on their way to a 3-1 victory over Egypt in the first of the five-Test series in Cairo yesterday with his sixth- minute follow-up at a penalty corner.

Russell Garcia put them further ahead at another penalty corner 20 minutes later, and three minutes after that, Calum Giles scored from open play. Mohamed Sayed pulled a goal back.

EGYPT: Hatem Gamal; Hossam Hassan; Adnan El Sayed, Amro Fatah, Abd El Khalek (capt), Yasser Abd El Mon, Belal Thrahim, Mohamed Sayed; Manmoud Samir, Mohamed Samir, Musa Sayed. Subs used: Ahmed Zenhom, Emad Amene, Osama Hassanein.

ENGLAND: S Mason (Reading); A Humphrey (Cannock), J Wyatt (Reading), J Halls (HDM, The Hague), B Waugh (Southgate, capt); D Woods (Southgate), J Pidcock (Cannock), A Simons (Southgate); C Mayer (Cannock), B Crutchley (Cannock), R Garcia (HDM, The Hague). Subs used: Manpreet Kochar (Reading), C Giles (KZ, The Hague), B Barnes (East Grinstead), B Sharpe (Cannock).

Umpires: Mohamed Shereef (Egypt) and A Hoyes (England).