Ice Hockey: Wembley has nostalgic note for old rivals

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THE FINAL Heineken Championship, at Wembley over the next three days, might be nostalgic for Nottingham Panthers and Murrayfield Racers, who were around when the event was inaugurated 11 years ago, but for their respective semi-final opponents, Humberside Seahawks and Cardiff Devils, four and six years old respectively, winning is the objective, writes Steve Pinder. This season is the last of Heineken's sponsorship.

John Lawless, of Devils, who picked up the trophy in 1990, said: 'We're confident in facing Racers, we've beaten them three times in the League this season, and although they beat us 15-4 at the end of the season, by then we were already champions. Tonight's game is a different matter.'

Devils will face a Racers side playing John McCrone, of Fife Flyers, in goal. Racers' normal starting goal-tender, Martin McKay, was injured on international duty in the Netherlands, and British Ice Hockey Association rules allow post-transfer deadline call-ups in such cases.