Letter: Agent anguish

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Sir: Some years ago Fifa, world football's governing body, introduced rules to regulate the activities of football agents. It made an exception to enable a player's family members to act as agents for their relative. What was doubtless intended to enable parental care to continue has led to the elder Anelka brothers travelling around Europe trying to find the highest bidder for their brother's services.

If young Mr Anelka were to engage the services of a professional representative he would quickly learn that: a) All his perceived problems with the British press are of his own making; b) Contracts are entered into to be honoured; c) Football is a team game requiring dedication and commitment if you want to be a winner.

I fear for young Anelka's future. A prodigious talent could very easily find itself going quickly off the rails, where the weekly pay packet is more important than kicking a football.