Letter: In Best tradition

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Sir: Your correspondent, Derek Hodgson, recently said of Ryan Giggs: 'There are occasions when he might be a little more aware of the players around him.'

While I take his point, I was flicking through a football book the other day and came across a quote from Pat Crerand about George Best (who he played with at United). He said of Best: 'There are times when you want to wring his neck. He hangs on to the ball when other players have found better positions. Then out of the blue he does something which wins the match. Then you know you're in the presence of someone special.'

We United fans will forgive Ryan his selfish moments as long as his individual flair continues to win us games and makes us gasp in awe and appreciation. He might sometimes be a better 'team' player but we don't want that if he loses his motivation for 'doing his own thing'. He's someone we can't afford to lose.

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1 March