Letter: Just not cricket

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Sir: The second Test match demonstrated the total unfairness of the Australians.

First, they batted for two whole days with England fielding and consequently they became very tired. The effect of the first two days was clear on Saturday. Second, their spin bowlers were unfair in two aspects because they were spinning the ball and making it turn but they also took only five paces, thus saving energy.

Third, when they were fielding they bent down more quickly and actually picked up the ball first time. Fourth, I heard nothing from the commentators about the famous 'Lord's slope' on Thursday or Friday but on Saturday it had reappeared. Clearly the Australians had done something to the ground.

Fifth, they used a third umpire for the first time when England had disdained such assistance.

And finally they seemed to want to win. All of it very unreasonable.

Yours sincerely,


Welwyn Garden City