Letter : Missing Motson

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From Mr Richard Lever

Sir: With the FA Cup final imminent, it is with great regret that I note that the BBC commentary of the season's blue riband fixture has now been handed to Barry Davies in place of John Motson.

Formerly Mr Davies demonstrated passion and flair: "Lee .... Interesting! Very interesting! Just look at his face! Just look at his face!" He now, however, understates and praises with minimum embellishment: "Cantona. [Silence] Brilliant!"

Although John Motson can occasionally overpower with statistics, his enthusiasm, impartiality and ability to capture the rising tempo of a game in the same way as Peter O'Sullevan during a horse race is virtually unparalleled.

Let us hope Mr Davies dispenses with some of the pomposity and instead enthuses with full impartiality in those scenes of grandeur.

Yours faithfully,