Letters: Giggs plucky, not `lucky'

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Sir: While acknowledging the brilliance of the Ryan Giggs goal in the FA Cup semi-final replay on Wednesday night many of the TV pundits, and some sports journalists, referred to a "lucky bobble".

In scoring the goal Giggs beat Vieira, Dixon, Keown, Dixon (again), and Adams. The first player to touch the ball, after Giggs got hold of it in his own half, was David Seaman, when he picked it from the back of the Arsenal net.

"Bobble" or not, to refer to anything about the goal as being "lucky" does a great injustice to Ryan Giggs, given that, in extra-time with his side down to 10 men, he ran clean through the best defence in England and scored to put Manchester United through to the FA Cup final.

As to whether it was the greatest goal ever, this is, of course, a matter of debate. It will certainly be a goal, and a match, that will live long in the memory.


Forest Hill, London