Lewis v Bruno: Blow by blow

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Lewis starts fast. Spears left jabs through Bruno's guard. Bruno responds with solid jabs of his own, and looks to slow Lewis down with body shots. Even round, both men cautious, Bruno seeking to dominate centre of ring.


Good round for challenger, who establishes firm left jab while also looking to unload right hand. But Lewis is too fast. Two-punch combination from Bruno hits thin air, left hook to body connects. Lewis lands two useful right crosses to opponent's body.


Lewis seeks to regain initiative, making better start behind left jab. Bruno stands ground, lands double jab followed by long right to side of head which briefly wobbles champion, whose knees buckle. Bruno moves in, but Lewis covers up well and although looking untidy, with hands low, recovers fully by end of round. Bruno's effective work surprises critics, but an opportunity missed.


A slower round. Both men seek openings behind left jabs. Lewis looks to land big rights, but clumsy attempts are easily slipped by Bruno. Champion's jab well established by end of round, Bruno marked around left eye. More even round, Bruno unable to get through to opponent.


Tempo - and tempers - hotting up. Lewis complains to referee about blows to back of head. Lands stiff double jab, just misses with following right. Gains in confidence, attempts same combination again, this time connects. Bruno takes shot well, calls Lewis in, but left eye swelling badly. Bruno works hard but with less effect. Champion's most convincing round so far.


Lewis maintains quickened pace, lands big right to body, but looks crude when missing with wild swinging rights. Champion is now aggressor. Bruno still works behind jab, and receives caution from Vann after another punch behind head.


Bruno starts fast, looking to regain upper hand. Both exchange jabs, but in full flow, challenger rocked by left hook. Lewis sees opening, moves in for finish. Two jabs followed by right uppercut push Bruno against ropes, legs gone. Lewis lands huge right uppercut, but referee pulls him off with warning about holding opponent's head up with left glove. Damage already done: three unanswered overhand rights force stoppage after 1 min 10 sec. No complaints from Bruno's corner.