Maradona refuses to train

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Diego Maradona said yesterday he would not accept the condition of training every day if he was to rejoin Boca Juniors. "I'm not mad. I cannot do it. If I train every day I will die," he said.

Newspapers in Argentina have reported that Boca executives have demanded that the former Argentina captain must do so if he is to rejoin the club.

The 36-year-old Maradona, who played his last game for Boca in August 1996, said he needed about a month to be in shape. "But I will accept no pressures to train," he said.

Ricardo Sa Pinto, who last week attacked the Portugal national coach, Artur Jorge, after he was left out of the national team, was suspended yesterday from international football while the incident is investigated.

The Portuguese football federation said that a three-man committee would report its findings within 15 days to Fifa, the game's world governing body.