Mariano Rojas injured in car crash

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The top Spanish rider Mariano Rojas, of the ONCE team, suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries in a car crash near Murcia yesterday.

ISLE OF MAN INTERNATIONAL WEEK: Open 25-mile TT: 1 B Buss (RAF CC) 56:04; 2 P Hart (Optimum Performance RT) 57:23; 3 R Fletcher (Ellan Vannin CC) 58:16. Team: RAF CC (B Buss, P Kaye, G Lawton) 2:55:22. Veterans: G Longland (Radford Accountants) 57:52. Women: A Plant (Swaledale CC) 1:06:23. Two- up 10-mile TT: 1 B Taylor (Bournemouth Arrow CC) & G Longland (Radford Accountants) 22:12; 2 P Hart (Optimum Performance RT) & G Green (Leicestershire RC) 22:23; 3 R Fletcher & M Williams (Ellan Vannin CC) 22:34.