Motor Racing: Relaxed Mansell still in the race: Defending IndyCar champion tries to regain winning edge

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IN a rare moment yesterday, Nigel Mansell sat with his wife, Rosanne, to discuss their reaction to recent disturbing events in motor racing and especially the crash that took him out of the Indianapolis 500.

'You never get used to it,' Rosanne Mansell said. 'You always know the danger element is there and I just deal with it in my own way. I don't really know what that way is, to be honest, but there is something inside me that does deal with it otherwise you cannot go on with everyday life.'

Mansell added: 'She is stronger than I ever can be in situations like that. You have to be strong for the childen so you have to put on a certain amount of strength for them.'

Mansell has done a good deal of soul searching in the past week about his career and the risks it involves. 'It is very difficult to put this into words, but if you believe in life and destiny you have to be a little fatalistic. There are people being injured and accidents happen in all walks of life. I feel that if you're good enough and still at the top of your game - which I still feel that I am - as long as you are driving for a top team where you get top equipment, yes it's dangerous but you can minimise those dangers.'

Once again Mansell declined to make a definitive statement about his plans. 'My most honest answer to you is I have no idea and anything is possible in motor racing. I'm a professional driver. I've tried to demonstrate that over all the years and I hope we will show a full commitment here.' To underline his point, Mansell topped the timesheets for most of yesterday morning's Milwaukee Mile practice.