Motor racing: What the papers said about . . . Benetton

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'You flaming liars . . . Benetton accused over fireball.' Mirror

'Schu faces world title KO after fireball rap.' Express

'Benetton fight to save their reputation.' Telegraph

'Benetton do not explain why they took it upon themselves to remove the filter. Inevitably, there has been speculation that they discovered that removing it enabled them to refuel more quickly, yielding perhaps a one-second advantage over their closest opposition during a pit- stop . . . It highlights dramatically the enormous pressure on teams competing in F1 to pursue every potential area for enhanced performance.' Guardian

'Stupid fuels.' Sun

'Burning issue . . . Formula One motor racing, buoyed for so long by speed, glamour and excitement, is a sad sport today, awash with scandal and suspicion. Trust has gone . . . and the question which will haunt the pit lane is: have high stakes produced a low regard for the rules?' London Evening Standard

'It seemed there was nothing more that a season groaning with tragedy and crisis could yield but yesterday Formula One motor racing lurched into one of the most serious controversies to have engulfed it . . . The possible repercussions of the allegations are endless . . . Draconian penalties beckon.' Times

'Blazing row.' Today

'This latest incident, now being couched in technical terms but which could easily have had devastating consequences, continues a troubled summer for the Benetton team.' Independent

'Sponsors who flood teams with millions of pounds want results. So do the teams - while drivers and their back-up crews thrive on the glory of winning. But is winning at any price really worth it? Not when the cost could well have been counted in lives.' Mirror