BT Sport Life's A Pitch exclusive: Murray Walker answers Independent readers' questions

Your chance to question the voice of motor racing

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Ever wanted to ask the voice of motor racing a question? Well, now you can in our exclusive readers' interview with ex-Formula One commentator Murray Walker as he appears on BT Sport's Life's a Pitch.

Walker became a household name during his time as F1 commentator from 1980 until his retirement in 2001, but he was given his first shot by the BBC after he demonstrated his talent with the microphone on his first love - motor bikes.

After a fall while on holiday in which 89-year-old Walker suffered a broken pelvis, it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphatic system cancer, although he has since reveled he is on the mend after a recovering from the illness in an incredibly short length of time.

So what would you ask Walker? His career highlight, his views on current champion Sebastian Vettel, or maybe the state of F1 today?

Leave your questions in the comment section below, or you can tweet them to @TheIndySport on Twitter. Questions must be submitted by 5pm Tuesday September 10.

Join sports broadcaster Des Kelly as he hosts Life’s a Pitch Monday to Thursday at 10pm on BT Sport 1.