Button keen to race on after crash he cannot recall

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Jenson Button was well enough to visit his BAR-Honda team in the pits yesterday, despite being forced to pull out of the Monaco Grand Prix due to his crash in Saturday's practice.

BAR took the decision not to risk Button, who spent Saturday night in hospital, after discussing the issue with Formula One's chief medical officer, Professor Sid Watkins.

The Frome-born driver had hoped to secure his first podium finish but instead had to settle for visiting the pits half an hour before the start and watching the race. He will now not return to action until testing this week.

Button admitted he could remember little of his accident having briefly lost consciousness in the cockpit .

"I didn't know that I hit the wall," he said yesterday. "It's disappointing that I can't race but then again if I am not well to race then I don't want to because I could be a danger to myself and everyone else. I haven't seen the accident yet but I will.

"I remember the car going a bit sideways to start with, then I remember being totally out of control and hitting the side barrier. It didn't feel like it was hard. Then I can remember seeing the wall coming towards me but after that I am a little bit lost.

"I don't remember how long I was unconscious for. I remember as I came around the guys had cut up to my arm.

"I remember speaking to Sid Watkins and he said I was talking but I wasn't making much sense. I said: 'What's different, that's me all over'.

"I didn't have a clue where I was. I remember looking down on my legs as they were hurting.

"I have never really had a big accident in F1 but it doesn't scare me at all. You never know if it will but it doesn't scare me at all which is the really good thing. I am looking forward to getting back in the car but I don't want to be silly about it.

"I will be testing next week and I will definitely be in Canada - 100 per cent."