Hamilton and Button take on photography challenge

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Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1™ drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were tasked with styling, directing and photographing an eccentric high-end British Summer fashion shoot under the watchful eye of renowned stylist Valentine Fillol-Cordier.

Plunged head first into the world of fashion, the film follows Lewis and Jenson on set as, assisted by Valentine Fillol-Cordier, they style models Charlotte W and Eve Delf in iconic British-inspired outfits. Having put their styling prowess to the test, the drivers select props for the shoot with Lewis then taking the role of photographer and Jenson as photographer’s assistant.

Previous Vodafone VIP online films have seen the drivers assemble their own F1™ car, and nab the best spots at their favourite festival by turning up in the depths of winter.

The film launches ahead of the 2011 Santander British Grand British Grand Prix on the 8 - 10 July. To watch the drivers in action, visit www.youtube.com/vodafoneuk