Lewis Hamilton on handling F1 pressure: I no longer dwell on setbacks for three days

Lewis Hamilton says no other team would have let him and Nico Rosberg race head to head

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Lewis Hamilton has lifted the lid on the pressures and controversies in his world title-winning season but claimed the best is yet to come.

The 2014 Formula One world champion and BBC Sports Personality of the Year believes his new-found maturity helped him ride out the tough times in his duel with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg and ultimately allowed him to claim his second crown.

“The big thing this year, and maybe last year, is that I’ve been able to get past things quickly,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1. “Before I’d want to dwell on things. It hurts for a short period but I switch it real quick and I come back the next day and I’m on it. In the past it would takes me days. Years ago when I made a mistake... I got to my hotel and I didn’t come out for three days. That’s how angry I was.”


Rosberg and Hamilton clashed repeatedly this season as they went head to head for the title. Other teams would have been squeamish about their two drivers playing out such a heated battle in front of the cameras, but the Briton believes it is to Mercedes’ credit that they let the rivalry take its natural course.

“When I joined the team I made it clear I never wanted driver status. I wanted to be treated equally. Naturally the team was going to have a tough job to balance these two drivers with the same car and help them both win. Then they allowed us to race and I don’t believe any other team would have allowed us to race, which is a true testament to our success this year.”

On the future, Hamilton added: “Luckily I’m only 29. Of course I want to win another championship. But when I won the first I was like I’m one of the few privileged so I’m not going to be greedy and say I want 10, you just have to be grateful for what you do have.”