Murphy to coach riders at 'finishing school'

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Up-and-coming apprentice and conditional jockeys will return to the classroom under a Jockey Club scheme unveiled yesterday. The initiative requires apprentices to attend Newmarket's British Racing School once they have won 20 races, while conditionals will be called to class after 15 wins. All young riders attend a course at the school before being granted a licence.

"It's a sort of finishing school," the Jockey Club's David Pipe, said. "It is aimed at jockeys who have reached a formative point in their career and will start with tuition on practical riding, which goes on to schooling for conditionals, taken by Declan Murphy and Yogi Breisner. There will also be training on a mechanical horse, and fitness training with the chief medical officer.

"Richard Pitman will hold classes on dealing with the press and public, while Declan Murphy and Paul Barton will cover race-riding.

"Andrew Barr and the Racing Post Spotlight team will deal with studying form and jockeys' agents will be covered, along with JETS, the Jockeys' Employment Training Scheme run by the Mellor family. An accountant will deal with what to do with winnings and presents in respect of tax."