'NBA Live 10' gets its first free update for season 2010/11

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Following the indefinite delay of its basketball franchise relaunch, NBA Elite 11, just a week before its planned release, EA Sports promised to keep last year's NBA Live 10 up to date and is releasing its first roster changes on October 20.

All team rosters will be updated to reflect the current 2010/11 NBA season that gets underway on October 26. That includes 2010/11's rookies, as well as new player ratings to reflect current proficiencies.

There's another update scheduled for issue prior to Opening Day on Tuesday 26, which should iron out any kinks in roster selections once final squad selections are known.

Though team kits, shoes, stadiums and gameplay are not benefiting from the amendments, EA Sports has promised to continue with roster updates throughout the season.

The free service is EA's way of keeping a foot in the door, after quality concerns surrounding Elite 11 resulted in a year-long reprive for the title, and 2K Games' rival series NBA 2K11 not only scooped court legend Michael Jordan but also went all-out to produce a critically acclaimed experience.

NBA Jam, once intended to be an exclusive download offered to Elite 11 owners, will now be joining its Wii equivalent as a disc-based game at retail, and is expected to do so by November 26 in North America, if not before - in line with the latest announcements regarding a "Holiday 2010" release.

The upshot is that this year console owners have a choice between the brand new, full price NBA 2K11, last year's updated NBA Live 10 which is now approximately half-price, and the arcade attraction of NBA Jam.