New look for Parkhead's tartan army

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Mel Gibson probably started it. All those brave Scots winning things left, right and centre-forward in Braveheart while attired in natty outfits was a cinematic success equal to a good run in Europe.

Yesterday Celtic followed suit by launching a new piece of club kit fit to grace any Old Firm derby. The more sartorial or clannish fan, depending on your point of view, can now add to his scarf, bob hat and replica shirt...the Parkhead tartan.

It will be used in kilts for women and men, full Highland dress and scarves. The tartan replaces an earlier design, but don't hurry to the club shop because it will be available only through Geoffrey (Tailor) Highland Crafts in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Galashiels. However, selected stores in America will be able to supply Gibson should he desire one for his next epic of the glens.