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Piet Raymakers won his third Volvo World Cup qualifier in the space of five weeks on Saturday when he rode Jewel's Emerald to victory at Millstreet in Ireland. The Dutchman, who also won in Oslo and Helsinki, extended his lead on the Western European League and is assured of a place at next year's final in Gothenburg.

VOLVO WORLD CUP SHOW (Millstreet, Co Cork, Ireland): World Cup qualifier: 1 Jewel's Emerald (P Raymakers, Neth) clear, 33.49secs; 2 Bollvorm's Burggravin (R Bril, Neth) clear, 34.85; 3 Rochet M ( A Ledermann, Fr) clear, 35.57. GB: 9 Ashley (M Whitaker) 4 faults, 36.17; 12 Eldorado (V Whitaker) 4 faults, 44.32. Western European League standings: 1 P Raymakers (Neth) 72pts; 2 C-O Nagel (Ger) 32; 3 M Whitaker (GB) and L Nieberg (Ger) 31.