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On his wife Georgie

'The pressure is on her just as much as me. Sometimes I am a bit tough to live with, like a bear with a sore head. Georgie has stood by me all the way. She has been a tremendous strength all season.'


On her husband

'He's overcome so much, it's just fantastic. I was extremely touched by Damon saying he owed it all to me, but I think he is being far too modest. I think he owes it all too himself. I've just been a bit player.'


Team boss

'It was a great day for Damon, a brilliant way to win from the front all the way, great control of the race. He has been climbing the mountain for four years, he has got to the top and fully deserves to be there.'


Williams team-mate

'He drove a perfect race and he has worked very hard and driven very well all year for this. I knew what I had to do in the race and we all did our best. I'm already looking forward to next year.'


Williams designer

'Everyone will miss Damon in the team. He has contributed a lot to Williams in helping us through the dark period with Ayrton Senna's accident and also in the way he's worked developing the car.'

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER Deposed world champion

'He has won eight races this year and that is something you cannot do with just luck. It will take time to sink in and he deserves this title. It is good for him.'


Three-times world champion

'It has not been easy for Damon - more difficult than any other driver I can think of who has won the title. He has done it in masterful style. He controlled the race, made no mistakes and enjoyed his job.'


Hill's economics teacher

'When he was at school he was known for being extremely polite and considerate to everyone. I think that's followed through in the way he has behaved all the way through the championship.'


Commentating on the BBC

'I've got to stop now because I've got a lump in my throat. Forgive us in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and everywhere else if we feel emotional...cos that's our boy.'

On Murray Walker

'I could hear you in my head, Murray, "You were saying Jacques is out, Hill's world champion", and I knew then it must be real.'