Officials lift Holyfield's suspension

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Evander Holyfield's medical suspension was lifted by Nevada officials yesterday, who stopped short of fully endorsing the former world heavyweight champion's return to the ring.

Members of the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted 4-1 to lift the suspension imposed after Holyfield was diagnosed as having heart problems following his title defeat last April against Michael Moorer.

The move by the commission allows Holyfield to seek licensing in other states, including New Jersey, where he is expected to fight Ray Mercer on 22 May.

Commission members said they still had reservations, however, about licensing Holyfield to fight in the state.

The vote to lift the medical suspension came after Dr Charles Ruggeroli, a cardiologist and member of the commission's medical advisory board, had stated that there was no reason for it to continue.

Holyfield was deemed healthy after a series of tests at the Mayo Clinic in June. He had appeared before the medical advisory board in December and did not attend the hearing.

Board member Dr Elias Ghanem voted against lifting the suspension. "I feel strongly there is absolutely something wrong with his heart somewhere," Ghanem said.