Go Mo Farah – Britain's great Olympian legs it from a T-rex, marauding brides and more

  • @SAMuston

Although the only thing that double Olympic champion Mo Farah will be running away from at the moment is the legion of potential advertisers beating down his door, a Tumblr blog called "Mo Farah Running Away From Things" has provided – among rising inflation figures and other woes – an unlikely post-Olympic pick-me-up.

Unlikely, because in the broiling cauldron that is the internet, the usual rule runs thus: more malice equals more clicks (with the exception of kitten pictures). And this blog hasn't got a malicious bone in its body.

From the huggable Helvetica typeface and fanzine subtitle, "A tribute to Mo Farah for being a true Olympic legend, we love you Mo!", to the picture of the man himself running off from, variously, a T-Rex, a herd of marauding brides and a trio of Star Wars TIE fighters – it's nice, nice, nice.

That was exactly the intention of Luke Harvey, the 21-year-old graphic-design graduate who created it on Sunday evening. "Mo was my highlight. I was at my mate Luke's house when he won and I thought, 'you could put some wicked backgrounds on that'. So I did, for a bit of fun – and now it's on The Atlantic and you're calling me," he says from his home in Staffordshire. "I just hope Mo likes it – he's such a legend."

The tumblr (@Luke_Spee) has had near a million hits so far ( "that's what it was at before I went to work this morning"). As yet, though, Harvey doesn't know where Mo will go next but, either way, it's likely to run and run (ba-bum-ch).