London 2012: Brazilians hail Games as 'perfect' and vow to carry on in Rio 2016


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Brazilians have praised the capital for its superb hosting of the Olympics and say they will continue this when the Games go to Rio in 2016.

In generous terms they called the Olympics “simply perfect” and vowed to continue the party in similar fashion.

Party-goers at Casa Brazil in Somerset House congratulated the capital on a “job well done”, commending the “brilliant” overall experience and “warm welcome”.

Rich praise was also lavished on the London Olympics by supporters from other nations - especially from the French, who were narrowly pipped by Britain to host the Games - while the international press today also delivered a resoundingly positive verdict.

Rosana Silva, 33, from Sao Paulo, said: “People kept claiming it was going to be chaos, but it has been perfect.

“It has just been brilliant, both in terms of the organisation and the experience. A job well done London and now the party will continue in Brazil in 2016.

“We still have a long way to go, but I’m sure people will have fun. They will enjoy the Games and the atmosphere.”

Her friend Patricia Faria, 31, also from Sao Paulo, added: “I think it has been a big success. There has been an excellent vibe in London.”

Medical laboratory assistant Frank Alves, 34, who is Brazilian but now lives in Wandsworth, said the Games had massively exceeded his expectations.

“People have looked like they were having fun and have really been supporting Team GB,” he added.

“There will be a very warm welcome in Rio – you can expect lots of parties.

“The Olympics is going to be based around the carnival.”

In Club France, at  Old Billingsgate on Lower Thames Street, any sour grapes over Paris losing out to London in the last stage of the bid have been washed away on a tide of bon homie.

Laura Tassemka, 18, who lives in Paris, said: “Everything is perfect. No question. It’s amazing to be here.

“Wherever you go it’s obvious the people are so happy to be hosting the Olympics. I’m not sure Paris could have done it as well. We’ve got more space but when you walk around London you can feel the happiness and love. We would feel proud to be British right now.

“Everything is clean, you can’t even find a cigarette on the street. My only worry is the with the Paralympics coming the subway is not always accessible for disabled people.”

Property developer Nicolas Stasiewski, 19, from Ales in southern France, said his first visit to London had tempted him to look for work over here.

He said: “I’ve been all around the UK following my friends in the women’s soccer team and it’s been a very good trip. I love the ambiance of London, it’s very cool here and the people are friendly.

“It’s a very beautiful city and I’d love to come back, maybe even to find a job here.”

Salesman Tomas Thibauit, 41, from Paris, said: “The people here are really cool and very friendly. We went to the stadium for the 200 metres final and as we were leaving we posed for a picture with eight policemen, all doing the Usian Bolt pose. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. “

Thomas Medjir, 20, who studies law in Montpelier, said: “I came to London once before on a school visit when I was 14 but this is like a different city. The food is great, the people are friendly, we haven’t had any problems getting around.

“I’d definitely come to live here for a time but the weather is maybe a little poor - in the south of France the sunshine is much better.”

Pierre Rilly, 42, who runs a printer shop near Paris, said: “In Paris we have no regrets.

“London has been a perfect venue. We love to complain about the English but all I can think is that the subway was too hot, but it wasn’t crowded it was just because of the hot weather.”

The plaudits were also forthcoming at Australia House at the City Hotel London in Aldgate.

Sydney-based mortgage broker Paul Economides called it the “best Olympics ever”.

“I was saying to people in the first three or four days that this would be the best Games ever and it has,” added the 39-year-old.

“The Olympic Park is awesome, the volunteers have been awesome and the food has been great.

“In Athens and Beijing, there were massive queues for beer, but here you have got people walking round selling it.

“The entertainment at venues between matches and highlights at half-times – all that stuff has been fantastic.

“It has been really, really well organised – really well polished.”

Fellow Aussie Phil Connolly said the event had equalled Sydney 2000 in terms of organisation and experience.

The 48-year-old, who works in IT, added: “The volunteers have been really nice, there was a very friendly greeting.”

At Ireland’s Olympic House at King’s Cross, teachers Cara Walsh and Aine Fanning, both 27, had travelled to watch Katie Taylor win boxing gold.

Mr Walsh said: “The atmosphere has just been incredible. There’s been such a buzz around London.”

Peter Hlozanek, 35, a Czech gamesmaker, said: “I have to say the Games have been a great success. It has helped the British have done so well as the atmosphere has been incredible at the events.

“But the team GB fans don’t just cheer for their athletes, they cheer for everyone else too.”

Misue Katanka, 32, from Japan, said she had been impressed by the friendliness of people, at the events, and in the city as a whole.

She said: “It has been very special to be part of it all.”