London Eye: Thompson ignites cauldron row with Redgrave attack


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The Team GB ethos, it seems, does not extend to the older generation. Daley Thompson, the double gold medal-winning decathlete, has scorned the achievements of Sir Steve Redgrave, declaring the strength of his own case to light the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony.

"Why would there be rivalry? In my opinion Sebastian Coe is the second greatest Olympian, after myself," offered Thompson. "Steve Redgrave is not in the same class as Seb Coe. He is a rower, but I think track and field is the toughest sport in the Olympics, which means the rewards are greater." Earlier this month Redgrave said that Thompson was not in his top five British Olympians. When Thompson was asked if he sees Redgrave as our No 1, his answer was no real surprise. "I don't think so. It depends on your opinion," he said. "I should be the most famous man on earth."

Not even a whisper from Chinese team

Football managers usually like to keep secrets – but none has got a lead on the Chinese table tennis team, whose preparations at Leeds University remain shrouded in fog.

Journalists were asked to email photo ID, an advance list of questions and evidence of previous Olympics articles before a press conference yesterday, which carried the promise of a discussion with world No 1 Ding Ning, who replaces Guo Yan in the women's team. It then emerged no player would be speaking. Eat your heart out, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ian Herbert

Diego lends a hand to inspire cyclists

The cycling world will soon focus on Great Britain and one rider is doing his best to capitalise on the global event.

Spanish handbiker Diego Ballesteros, paralysed from the waist down, is using a handbike to travel from Spain to London to raise awareness for the disabled. "My aim is to show disability doesn't have to hold us back from fulfilling our dreams," he said.

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