Olympic Short Takes: Driscoll up, down and out

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Kat Driscoll was once described as "Britain's least-known world No 1" though the challenge, as she attempted to convert that ranking into Olympic trampolining gold yesterday, was simply to avoid looking up at her family, writes Ian Herbert at North Greenwich Arena. She had located them in the crowd but, as she later admitted, looking at them in mid-flight would have been risky. "Once you've spotted them you can't start looking up there," said Driscoll, who usually performs in front of 200 people, not 10,000. The 26-year-old went on to finish ninth, one place outside the cut.

Back me, cries Toloutibandpi

Iran is not without its problems, but light welterweight Mehdi Toloutibandpi demanded more funding for boxing yesterday after he lost 19-10 to Kazakhstan's Daniyar Yeleussinov in the round of 16. "I think boxers in Kazakhstan are better. I've only played three major games so I've got less experience," admitted Toloutibandpi, who was disappointed rather than distraught after his defeat.

Pistorius feels blessed by Barton

Queens Park Rangers midfielder Joey Barton mostly uses his twitter account as a public forum to convey his frustrations with the world. However, yesterday he showed a more thoughtful side. "What a story of courage Oscar Pistorius's is. Inspirational stuff...", he wrote, after watching the South African become the first double amputee to compete at an Olympics yesterday. Pistorius was grateful for the comment, and responded to Barton: "Thank you very much! I'm blessed for those behind me!"

Fair fired up for Australia battle

Great Britain men's hockey goalkeeper, James Fair, expects, a "real battle" against Australia today in a match which could see his side progress to the tournament's semi-finals with a game to spare.

An exceptionally strong generation of Australians has helped take them to No 1 in the world game, but Fair insists Britain will not be intimidated.

"It will be a hard game, a real battle. It's important that we attack them and put our mark on the game," he said.

"The Australians are tough. No one gets too close to me so I don't hear any of the sledging."

Fourth-ranked Britain's 4-1 win over Pakistan means that they can afford to lose and still progress by beating Spain on Tuesday.

Fair, who pulled off an excellent double save against Pakistan, said the side are also using the tournament to stimulate greater interest in the men's game.

"The crowds have been amazing," he said. "Hopefully it can encourage people to pick up a stick or maybe go and watch in the future."

Ian Herbert

Twitter treats

What a finish after a 1500m Swim, 40km Bike,10km Run & there is a photo finish.Unlucky Helen [Jenkins] in 5th but brave.

Kelly Holmes

Oh yes!!! The mens 4 in rowing just won!!! Well done@andrewthodge and the team!!! Olympic Champions

Keri-Anne Payne, GB swimmer

@Ed_Clancy would have qualified in 4th for individual sprint. With the pace he had in flying 250m. what a boy!

Ross Edgar, GB track cyclist

I felt superb!! Transition wasn't as great a I wanted it to be, didnt panic and came through the end strong!

Justyn Warner, Canadian 100m & 200m runner